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Navjot singh

Hello guys and welcome to my portfolio. I would thank NandyDark for helping me a lot in creating this

I am a student of IT engineering and a Python Developer


Basically ThunderUserbot was a tough and my first Global level project. A day when i was tired of using simple telegram , I just thought we have to make something which can help everyone and add more features in this booring Telegram .Then i messaged to our ThunderGang™ 's most professional member i.e NandyDark , so he said that we can make our own Userbot and basically from there we got the idea of our first Telegram Userbot ⚡️Thunder⚡️. You can deploy it to heroku(i.e is a container-based cloud Platform as a Service (PaaS). It is used to deploy, manage, and scale modern apps. ). For more help you can go to our telegram channel or support groups . Link is given below

  • ThunderUserbot Channel
  • Why Python
    Is Love

    Most of the people think the word “python” is a snake but it is the most popular programming language. Everyone will fall in love with life and some people may face an END in love, but those who fall in love with python there is no END (i.e “;”) with it because python programming has no Semicolon. So, people fall in love with Python programming. So According to me below are me some thoughts that will describe why python is love

    1. Less coding: Compared to other languages python has fewer syntaxes to write code. The syntax written in python is very simple and easy which makes it more user-friendly. Some logic with require 7 lines of code in another language but can be done only using 3 lines of code in python which makes it more efficient.

    2. It is Free: Python is an open source language, using the python language it doesn’t require any custom built platform or subscription. Thus any desktop and laptop are compatible with Python. In python modules and libraries are absolutely free for coding.

    3. It Is One Of The Most Trending Languages: There are a number of programming languages like C, c++, Java, PHP. Python is the most trending programming language in software marketing. We can use python language for businesses for developing and it has more impact on programming.

    4. Improved Programmer’s Productivity: The Python programming language has extensive support libraries and object-oriented design that increases the number of the fold of programmer’s productivity while using languages like Java, Perl,c, c++.

    5. Integration Feature: It has the enterprise application integration that makes it easy to develop web services. It has powerful control capabilities as it calls directly through c, c++, java. Python also processes XML and different markup languages as it can run on all modern operating systems through the same code.